VRelax: Investigation of Relaxing – Computer Engineering Graduation Project [Nov 2017 – May 2018]

Aim of the project

Project aims to develop Unreal Engine VR Application that involves multiple relaxation scenarios to help consultants comfort themselves easily with experiencing their favorite sights and by recognizing their voice; analyze their stress amount and make inferences from it.


This is graduation project of computer engineering made by group of 2 people. Project was made by Unreal Engine; using both Blueprint Visual Editor and C++. Project was intented to be used by VR glasses.

My Role In The Team

I was mostly focused on C++ voice analysis part of the project.

I had an opportunity to see vr project development, and experienced to work in comprehensively documented project.

Similar projects

  • Relax VR which uses 360-degree videos to relax users (http://www.relaxvr.co/)
  • MonarchVR is a mobile environmental and meditation application which gives the unique experience of being surrounded by beautiful monarch butterflies, an experience only available in very few places in the world. (http://monarchvr.org/)
  • Atmosphaeres are relaxing 360-degree spherical videos that provide relief from stress, anxiety & pain. (https://www.atmosphaeres.com/)

New aspects of this project

  • Application uses speech recognition and signal processing to measure stress level.
  • According to stress level application makes deductions and suggest suitable actions.
  • It makes relaxing easier and more meaningful with analyzed data.

GitHub Link of The Project