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Video Game Analysis Outline [5 Nov 2019 – Date of Final Outline]

I have created following general outline to guide my through my video game analysis works. I have created it in Turkish, and example work of mine that I give at the end is also Turkish. However, I will translate the sketch into English. If you want are interested in reading my document(s), I can translate it into English as well.


(Header) Henry’s House Game Analysis

Fantasy Logic and Game Story:

Interpreting and Analyzing Characters:

Game Mechanics:

Game Dynamics:

UI Elements:

Game Scene and Term of Affordance:

Analyzing Artificial Intelligence:

Analyzing The Concept of Short Term Memory:

Functional and Emotional Interpration of Graphical Stimuli:

Sound and Music:

Motivation Elements:

Challenge – Skill – Flow Balance:

Investigation of Design In Terms Of Universal-Cultural Aspects:

Marketing Techniques Used In The Game and Their Effects on Players:

My Final Notes and Additions:

Example Work: