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Response – Unreal Engine Project (2020 – Retired Project)

Because of the project has commercial value, I cannot exhibit all properties of the project.

We are (as a team of 5 people) currently working on this projects within ATOM – which is pre-incubation center for digital games and animations. ATOM works within Middle East Technical University, which is one of the best universities in the world.

My Role In The Team

I am working as a gameplay programmer and Unreal Engine developer in this project. While creating/fixing gameplay features, I am also implementing assets to the engine coming from design team. I was also worked in the subjects of level transition, character animation retargeting, menu and in-game UI programming.

I also started and guided other team members through comprehensive game design document of the project. I also took an active role editing/writing the document

Example Visual Content From The Project

Game logo was made by Cankat Tigin ÖZTEMİZ