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Demo Strategy Game [Dec 2019 – Feb 2020]

Summary This project is a game programmer’s work. While developing the project, I achieved following criterias:– OOP– Publish And Subscribe– Object Pooling– A* Pathfinding– SOLID Principles were not broken. Some Codes From The Project Project GitHub Link Please, click here. Some Screenshots From Project Final Scene Expected Game Board General Design Document Design Principles Known Bug One known bug is […]

Undefeatables – 3D MOBA For Mobile [Unfinished Project]

Because of the project has commercial value, I cannot exhibit all properties of the project. This is 3D moba game made for mobile. This unfinished project was created in a group of 3 people: 2 designer/modeler, 1 developer (me). I used Photon Networking to develop online experience in Unity game engine. My Role In The Team As I mentioned, I […]