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Short Case Study Analysis on 5 Different Mobile Games – Focused on Critical Strike [Oct 2020]

Analyzed Games (Mostly focused on Critical Strike): Critical Strike (from Vertigo Games) Gods of Boom (from Game Insight) Call of Duty Mobile (from -developer- Tencent Games and -its subdiary- Timi Studios) Modern Ops (from Edkon Games) Modern Strike Online (from Azur Games) Below is my case study with some general approach. Questions are given by Vertigo Games. There are several […]

BCO 681 – VIDEO GAMES ANALYSIS [Oct 2019 – Jan 2020]

They are my works of game analysis. I played different games of Commodore 64 by the emulator, then analysed them in detailed. There is no faultlessly designed games; analysing the good and bad parts of games is the basic step of understanding how better design can look. Good game designer should also be good document writer. You may have an […]