Game-Area-Specific Background

What Did I Do About Game?

Academic Education

  • Hacettepe University Computer Animation and Game Technologies MSc degree with Thesis(2018-current)
  • Cankaya University Computer Engineering BSc Degree (2013 – 2018)
  • During the CENG 396 Software Engineering course; we made functional decomposition, created test cases, created requirements elicitation for the game named Asteroids as group composed of three students (2017)
  • CENG 361 Innovative Game Design Course (Elective) (2017 – 2018 Fall)
  • CENG 466 Artificial Intelligence (Elective) (2017-2018 Spring)
  • CENG 497 Computer Graphics (Elective) (2017-2018 Spring)
  • We -as a group of two students- worked on our graduation project covering Virtual Reality and Signal Processing topics (GitHub Link)

Internship Experience

Work Experience

3D Modeler

  • Worked as 3D Modeler in Mebitech during summer holiday (Aug 2017 – Sept 2017). I used open-source modeling tool named Blender.

Social Experience

  • Participated in Gaming Istanbul (GIST) 2018 as guest
  • I played very different kind of games in different platforms. Currently playing Overwatch from Blizzard since first season

To Sum Up…

Game Design Area

  • I took the Innovative Game Design course in my BSc degree.

3D Modeling

  • I worked as 3D modeler in summer holiday of my university. I actively used Blender in this company.
  • I am studying 3D modeling course from Udemy, and actively sharing my works in the course’s community forum.

Game Programmer

  • I learned the basics of Unity 3D -which is very powerful game engine for especially mobile games as well as other types- during my summer internship and created basic 2D-style tower defense game. Outcome can be seen in the portfolio section. I continued to educate myself with the educational book.